May 15, 2020

     The governor's quarantine hit downtown in late March.  Like most places, people went home, except for a few panhandlers.  You could still buy a slice of pizza, or a beverage for a hot day, but you had to take it outside.  Most retail stores were closed.  A few were open to receive packages from UPS or FedEx, but were closed to customers.  Construction on the new nine story...

May 1, 2020

     They are barking mad at city hall.  As part of the Great American Anti-Social Quarantine, the parks department has closed city parks, and even the dog parks have been restricted.  For the dog owners who can't read, the signs have been translated into dogonese:  Bark Bark, Woof, Bark, Woof Woof.  No mistaking that message.  It's directed at you hoomans!  Stay off the swings and stay away from...

April 15, 2020

     There was good news on Easter Sunday.  Approximately 327 million Americans did not get SARS-CoV-2 and die.  However, for freedom lovers, there also was a bit of bad news.  The University of Virginia went full bore communist and commanded visitors to self-ban themselves from the Grounds.  Before Easter, the blue sign went up to mark what will forever be known as The Great A...

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