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A Walk Around The Lawn: Reprising Favorite Views

This is the 100th post for the Virginia Photo Blog. This series of new photos reprises the first post of a walk around The Lawn. Walking around The Lawn never gets old. The views are always the same but with slightly different light and a different cast of characters. Even the buildings change - new paint, new plaster, small repairs, details both noticeable and not. The colonnade and trim on Pavilion X were repainted white after a multi-year experiment with the natural sandstone look that Jefferson intended. That was a big change. For this post, the views were captured with a Zeiss Otus 85 mm lens. All photos were made late one afternoon in September.

Gear Photos were made with a Nikon D750 and a Zeiss Otus APO 85 mm f/1.4.



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