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The Chapel

It's a stone chapel in a brick world, built long after Jefferson died. Regular services ended years ago. But it has a place. People book it for weddings and funerals. The bells toll at five pm. The late afternoon sun glows on the stone work. It's always a challenge to see if you can capture the mood of the season with a different lens, or a different time of day. Here are some photos from the last several years.

Gear Photos were made with a Nikon D750 and several lenses, including a Nikon 85 mm f/2.0, a Nikon 70 - 300 f/4.5 -5.6, a Nikon 24 -70 f/2.8, and a Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f/2.0. Additional photos were made with a Nikon Coolpix A.


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