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Traveling South: Aerial Landscapes

Hurricane Irma blew through northern Florida in early September 2017. A flight to Orlando was in order to visit family - Charlottesville to Philadelphia to Orlando. If you don't fly very often, it's always a reminder of how open and yet how crowded the country is, and how it changes. The window seat on an Airbus A320 provided the opportunity to capture these aerial photos. There is not much choice for framing a picture through the window. You mostly get whatever passes by, and your only choice is when to snap the shutter. Still, pictures give us a time stamp to remember our journeys, and to remember sights we will never exactly see again. So here are a few - dry land and wet land along the east coast.

Gear Photos were made with a Nikon D750 paired with a Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f/2.


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