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Montpelier Races 2015

President James Madison, Father of the Constitution, built his home in Montpelier, Virginia. It's about 20 miles north of Jefferson's Monticello. Today, Madison's home is an historical and educational attraction. It's also the site of the Montpelier Races, which are held on grounds adjacent to Madison's home. Each October, a few thousand racing fans park in the meadows surrounding Madison's home, and then funnel into the dirt track and steeplechase racing grounds. In 2015, race day was a rainy, wet, and cold. Race day begins with one or two races on the dirt track, and then the races move to the steeplechase circuit. Railbirds line the fences for a close-up view of the action. It only takes a few seconds for the jockeys and horses to pass by, and then you can return to your tailgating. It'll be another 30 minutes before the next race. The beauty of the event is that you're surrounded by countryside. There's not a modern building to be seen in any direction. It's an escape from suburban life.

Gear Photos were shot with a Nikon D70s paired with a Nikon 35 mm f/1.8, or were shot with a Nikon Coolpix A.













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