Traveling South - South of the Border

April 15, 2018

     There are two can’t miss shutter stops on I-95 between Virginia and Florida: South of the Border and any fireworks store. Pick one or the other, and, night or day, you'll find something to frame in vivid color. SOB is a living postcard from a bygone era. It's been on the NC/SC border for nearly 70 years. It's a melange of eateries, tourist shops, them park attractions, and a motel. Somehow, it still survives. In this region, fireworks stores are a mainstay along I-95, and seem to thrive. There is a fireworks store at just about every exit. So, if you're traveling south, you might as well visit Pedro and buy some fireworks.


Gear Photos were shot with a Nikon D750 paired with either a Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8, a Zeiss Milvus 35 f/2.0, or a Zeiss Milvus 85 mm f/1.4.

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