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Game Day - Around the Stadium

College football comes in unique flavors. Big programs have big stadiums. Perennial powerhouses have fanatic fans. Virginia is somewhere in the middle. It has a unique and scenic stadium, and old school fans. Scott stadium is the 27th largest college stadium, with seating for 61,500. Yet, it’s a mere piker compared to the eight top college stadiums that hold over 100,000. The open hillside and colonnade motif emphasize a Jeffersonian connection to the human scale in architecture. There are no tickets sold for the hillside, but fans migrate to it during the game. The football program waxes and wanes. It’s been waning for a while. The upper row looks out to the mountains. Tailgate parties abound in local neighborhoods. The fans experience a Saturday afternoon in the fall. Here are some views from around the stadium.

Gear Photos were shot with a Nikon D750 and a Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f/2.0.















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