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Violence Erupts In Charlottesville

It was over before it started. If you had arrived at noon, the scheduled legal rally time, you'd have missed it. The riot began in the morning - August 12, 2017. Communists attacked the arriving speakers, the governor declared a state of emergency by 11:25 am, and the armored police had pushed the legal speakers out of the park by noon. Some stragglers remained, but mostly it looked like it was over. Still, there was more to come. Two hours after the emergency declaration, communists formed a mob on Water Street. They were looking for targets of opportunity. A police helicopter circled over head. Troop carriers dotted the downtown mall. Police phalanxes stood at the ready. And then....the police did nothing. The communists marched. New media embedded in the mob live streamed the column. The live streams documented a maroon van parked at the intersection of Water and 4th streets. Why was it parked in the street? The mob turned north on 4th street, and flowed around the maroon van. Then, the grey charger barreled into the immobilized mob. Bodies went flying. Within minutes troop carriers and emergency vans were on the scene.

Gear Photos were shot with a Nikon D750, a Nikkor 85 mm f2.0, and a Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f/2.0.




















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