March 15, 2020

     It's warm again in Virginia, and time to hike the trails.  The sprigs are turning green.  Even a dreary day has some color.  Soon, the matted masses of brown brush will become walls of green. You won't be able to get close to the creek, or see it, except from above.  Lately the creek has been low.  Surely we'll get a surge in the spring.  And then it will look like the Amazon.  The kids will...

January 15, 2020

     There are a lot of conventions to landscape photography  --  put the camera on a tripod, stop down, use focus stacking, make everything sharp across the frame, use long exposures, have foreground, mid-ground, background interest, etc., etc.  But the cardinal rule is: Make a pretty picture!  Can you make a pretty picture on a dreary day?  Here are some photos from along the Rivanna Trail  -- h...

November 15, 2019

     The ready availability of online lens rentals makes it easy to explore new capabilities for your camera.  The photos here were made with a circa 2006 Nikon D70s and two rental lenses, a Zeiss 50 mm f/1.4 and a Zeiss 50  mm f/2 macro lens.  Matching the two full frame lenses with a crop sensor camera yielded images that I never would have imagined for the old camera.  The f...

May 15, 2019

     It was late March when last I went down to look at the creek, but already there were sprigs of grass along the path.  Winter was tough.  There were lots of fallen trees.  In early spring you can still get to the edge of the creek, before the hedgerow thickens, so spring is the time to get into the weeds and photograph the late afternoon shadows.  During the summer only the path...

May 1, 2019

     Every now and then the creek floods and it's a muddy mess.  If it's spring or summer, it looks like the Amazon.  You might think that no one lives within a thousand miles.  But they do.  When the rain stops, you can get up close and watch the river flow.  It might last a day or two, depending on how much rain there was.  Then it slowly drains away and becomes a creek...

October 27, 2017

     The edges of town quickly give way to the countryside. This is where the land has memory. From downtown, five miles in any direction will put you on a country road. In some directions, it's no more than three miles. The interstate is only minutes from downtown, and once you're on the interstate, any exit will take you into the countryside. Twenty minutes to the west, and you'll be crossing th...

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