November 15, 2020

     We skipped Fall colors this year.  Everything just went brown.  Unusually warm weather wrecked the natural cycle of things, and it just seems that nature directly went from green to brown.  There are ponds and small lakes around the city.  They're a nice contrast to the tree lines.  Brown and blue and green.  The paths around town are great for the walkers to find the views....

November 1, 2020

     In 2016, it was a sunny Fall day for the Montpelier Races. The infields were packed.  Tailgaters lined the rails.  Barbecue was in the air.  The marshals were dressed in blue and red riding jackets.  The horses were well trained and friendly.  The races are a day for the average man to mingle with the rich.  And the rich put on a good show.

Gear Pho...

June 1, 2020

     There are public gardens next to the local city park.  People pay the city to rent 30' x 30' patches of earth to grow something.  Some use their gardens as a retreat. They build a shelter and sit by their gardens in the evening.  The great anti-social quarantine slowed Spring planting this year, but some of the plots have been plowed neatly and planted nevertheless....

May 1, 2020

     They are barking mad at city hall.  As part of the Great American Anti-Social Quarantine, the parks department has closed city parks, and even the dog parks have been restricted.  For the dog owners who can't read, the signs have been translated into dogonese:  Bark Bark, Woof, Bark, Woof Woof.  No mistaking that message.  It's directed at you hoomans!  Stay off the swings and stay away from...

March 15, 2020

     It's warm again in Virginia, and time to hike the trails.  The sprigs are turning green.  Even a dreary day has some color.  Soon, the matted masses of brown brush will become walls of green. You won't be able to get close to the creek, or see it, except from above.  Lately the creek has been low.  Surely we'll get a surge in the spring.  And then it will look like the Amazon.  The kids will...

December 1, 2019

     There are trails and walkways all around Charlottesville.  The Rivanna Trail circles the entire city.  Local paths cross the RT and provide short cuts to get around neighborhoods and parks everywhere.  In the Fall, you can pick a local trail and fill your camera with photos.  Here are some photos from October and November 2019 along different trails around the city....

May 15, 2019

     It was late March when last I went down to look at the creek, but already there were sprigs of grass along the path.  Winter was tough.  There were lots of fallen trees.  In early spring you can still get to the edge of the creek, before the hedgerow thickens, so spring is the time to get into the weeds and photograph the late afternoon shadows.  During the summer only the path...

May 1, 2019

     Every now and then the creek floods and it's a muddy mess.  If it's spring or summer, it looks like the Amazon.  You might think that no one lives within a thousand miles.  But they do.  When the rain stops, you can get up close and watch the river flow.  It might last a day or two, depending on how much rain there was.  Then it slowly drains away and becomes a creek...

April 15, 2019

     The color photos of William Eggleston were something of an inspiration for the present website.  His oeuvre of photographing the ordinary offered a rationale for documenting the world around me -- just photograph the world as it appears.  And the world appears in color.  But most of the work of the great 20th century photographers was in black and white.  There is a directness...

July 15, 2018

     This week, we finally make it to the top of Humpback Rocks. The climb takes you through dense woods and  over slippery rocks. Near the top, three trolls and a sphinx guard the trail. Pick them out from a photo below. At the trail head, as you step out of the woods, a U-shaped opening in the rocks gives you a view of the valley to the west. Usually, if the weather is nice, there will already b...

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