September 1, 2019

     We continue the black and white retro narrative with some photos of a nearby construction site. Trees are falling and apartments are going up everywhere.  The population of the city must be exploding.  Like most places, it's expanding outwards, along the interstate and major arteries, and around downtown.  Hotels and apartments and houses seem to be going up everywhere.  Where...

June 15, 2019

     This post continues a previous series on shooting 500 keepers with the Zeiss Milvus 35 mm f/2.0.  The idea was to set the lens to f/2.0 and keep photographing until I had 500 photos worth keeping.  Some were very similar and will never see any further light of day.  Some photos formed a continuous series for a post on a single topic, such as the posts on reunions and...

April 15, 2019

     The color photos of William Eggleston were something of an inspiration for the present website.  His oeuvre of photographing the ordinary offered a rationale for documenting the world around me -- just photograph the world as it appears.  And the world appears in color.  But most of the work of the great 20th century photographers was in black and white.  There is a directness...

March 15, 2019

     Recently, in a blog post about reflections, the post featured a picture of skaters on the indoor downtown ice rink.  Alas, the ice rink is no more. Mechanical jaws ate the steel structure.  The pace of change in Charlottesville feels unprecedented.  New houses are gobbling up the woods and fields.  Old structures are falling for new.  The fences keep you at a distance, but if y...

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